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What It Does

Q100 is a Bluetooth intelligent lock based on Bluetooth 4.0 technology, supporting mobile phone system for iOS 7 / Android 4.3 and above,equipped with smart digital button, with a very high-level reliability testing, makes home more secure and convenient.It has two colors and versions,sliver and black,Bluetooth version and without Bluetooth version.It‘s suitable for many different places,like Entrance,Bedroom,Batheroom,Living room ect.Besides,it has many functions,such as waterproof ,Emergency Charging,Alarm function ect.Q100,a smart electronic lock which make your home safety.

Main Features

1.Made of zinc alloy stainless steel
2.Support APP and Password unlock
3.Very easy to installing, Easily replace most existing old door locks, outdoor or indoor
4.Suit for 30-60mm thickness door
5.Low battery and Anti-prying alarming function
6.Waterproof seals for electronic components protection
7.Set up very easily,it contains up to 10 changeable codes including passage code,1 group admin codes and 9 groups passage code
8.Free rotating handle,fits both left and right-hinged doors
9.LED Indicators for Code Entry,with Backlit keypad for use in low light
10.There are two colors,black and sliver,two versions,Blutooth and without Bluetooth.

Item Include:

1 x Door Lock
1 x Screws kit
1 x Backup battery box
1 x Strike plate
1 x User Manual(not include battery)

About password:

1.There are ten passwords, including 1 master password, and 9 sub passwords, which are easy to manage.
2.Change Master password and Sub passwords freely.
3.Master password can be used to add or delete any sub password
4.The fired user can be deleted individually by Master password, without any affect on the normal application of the lock by the other users
5.One-Key opening function(Passage Mode) :Press any digital key to open the lock
6.Outer-emergent power supply opening function.
7.Encryption function , for confusing any spies watching as the User code being entered.
8.Resetting function. When forget the password, or something unusual, after resetting, it will be back to the original status.

About APP(Only for Bluetooth version)

1.Use throught Bluetooth,please make sure that Bluetooth and the lock are both on(Backlit keypad is on blue) while connecting.
2.It’s capable of storing up 10 group codes, 1 Master code, 1 Passage code and 8 User codes.
3.High sensitivity,it can realize long-distance(about 8-10m) transmission of keys.
4.It’s also a smart steward for you home,can restrict the use time of keys,look over the unlocked record , real-time monitoring, keep the thieves away.
5.Please search “PINEWORLD” to download at Apple store or Google play,or can scan the QR code which in user manual to download the APP.

About Battery:

1.It needs to use 4 pieces of AAA batteries.We suggest all the buyers to buy 8 pieces of AAA batteries in case of any need.
2.Using above 6 month if unlock 20 times per day.
3.Low battery alarming function.
4.Easy to replace batteries , without affect the information of passwords.
5.Low battery warning with emergency power jump override.



APP Unlock(Only for Bluetooth version)

For the convenience of users Q100 is also equipped with APP unlock function, which is based on Bluetooth 4 technology, supporting mobile phone system for iOS 7 / Android 4.3 and above.It working principle is to open the door through a Bluetooth connection,so please make sure that your Bluetooth is on while connecting.You can open the door with your phone, convenient and safe.


Password Unlock(For all versions)

Q100 is equipped with smart digital button, with a very high-level reliability testing, makes home more secure and convenient.But please note that,different version has difference operating method,please refer to the use guide.



Anti-prying function

Add the random number before and after the correct passwords for anti-peeping,as long as the passwords contains continuous correct passwords,the door will be unlocked.Even if there are strangers beside,you also can easily enter the password to open the door,do not need to avoid,keep your home more safety.



Waterproof Function

It’s made of zinc alloy stainless steel which has a very strong water resistance,not afraid of the wind and rain,also it’s not easy to rust,so that it can protect electronic components from water.



Support Emergency Charging

It’s equipped with emergency charging port and back up charger.No need to worry about being locked outside.But what you need to do is:please buy 4 pieces AAA batteries and put it into the back up charger in case of any need.


Backlit keypad for use in low light

It’s equipped with a smart backlit keypad.when enter the code,the backlit keypad will be automatically lights up,This function is not only convenient but also power-saving,also with smart sensor light,when you enter the correct code,the green light will be on,otherwise the red light will be on.



Warning Function

It’s equipped with Anti-prying and Low Battery Warning Function.
(1)Anti-prying Function,The buzzer will continue to call the alarm when the lock is hit by a strong impact.
(2)Low Battery Warning function,When the battery energy is not enough, each time the lock operation will be issued “didi ~” prompt tone. Q100-_07 Suitable door thickness 
It’s suitable for 30-50mm thickness door,the best size of the door thickness is 40mm.Please contact the customer service before purchase!

_20180606153504The spring bolt can adjust 60mm or 70mm(defailt is 60mm):

_20180606155213Universal for right and Left direction:

This lock is universal to all direction of door opening,no matter your door is Left Push,Left Pull,Right Push or Right Pull,it’s all apply to!In the meanwhile,it’s very easy to install,no need to worry about the installation any more! 

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